SalesStryke fully automates customer signup for service companies

Does your company have an online sales portal?  In today’s economy, it’s do or die. In fact, there are many studies showing up to 83%  of today’s customers not only expect to buy your products/services online, over 90% of them also expect human customer service if the online sales system doesn’t answer their questions.  Moreover, over 50% of web traffic is mobile/smartphone, so your solution better be mobile-enabled!

But how can a small company build, deploy, SEO, and manage an online sales system and a call center?  SalesStryke is your answer.

80% of customers expect to be able to buy your services online, 24/7/365 -SalesStryke Software makes it possible!

SalesStryke maps your sales areas; customers living in sales areas can view quote, signup for service

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Automated Signup

SalesStryke places sophisticated map-based “buy now” technology on your website

Geo-Location Technology

Your company’s services and quotes are available to customers based on their location. Customers can view a quote, sign up for service, and pay

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Turn-Key Deployment

When SalesStryke deploys on your website, everything is done for you: mapping, online agreements, everything!  We even offer SEO/Website services to drive customers to your website.

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search engine optimization

Capture more online business by optimizing your website’s search engine placement. Drive people to your “sign up for service” button.

Map-Based Marketing

Once our system maps where you sell, where your prospective customers live, we can pull all of the addresses in those areas! You can target your marketing specifically to areas you service!

Systems Integrations

For customers who view a quote, sign up for service and pay, sales data can be sent/imported to your billing & operations software(s). All leads/closed business can be sent to your CRM system.

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