TrashBolt for Haulers

TrashBolt(™) is a SalesStryke product specific to the garbage hauling industry.  The TrashBolt(™) system includes an online customer self-service contract system combined with a customer call center to close sales for you.  Our system is designed to provide the right services and prices down to a per house level! 

  • Accurate pricing for your customers, including fuel surcharges, taxes, and fees based on their route, or use a simple “all-in” pricing model 
  • Cart Delivery Date, First Service Date, Day of the Week for your online customer
  • Capture Cart Size, Service Type (Trash Only, Trash & Recycling, Yard Waste, Customizable, etc), Previous Hauler info, more, all as meta-data for export/import/api
  • Our “Flip System” allows easy Move-Out/In Service Address re-capture: The new homeowner simply texts a number on your cart to receive a sign-up contract 
  • Complete marketing platform for customers and non-customers in your routes for route expansion
  • Soft-Pak Users: Inquire about our New Customer solution