LawnBolt for Landscapers

LawnBolt(™) is a SalesStryke product specific to the Commercial and Residential landscaping industry.  The LawnBolt(™) system includes an online customer self-service contract system combined with a customer call center to close sales for you.  Our system is designed to provide the right services and prices down to a per house level! To see how LawnBolt can work for you, click below to view a demo of what your customers will experience.  

  • Service types based on geo-location, service address
  • Flat pricing, or calculations based on customizable questions
  • Quotes and Contracts with e-sig, and e-pay portal
  • Api or export into routing software
  • Deploy on your website in as little as 10 days!
  • Or, let us deploy an optimized website and SEO services for you!